Heather Dixon

In a macrocosm of color, inspiration and world influence synthesized with purpose, love and deep appreciation for the female form, exists a dynamic energy known as Heather Dixon. An avid creative mind since her younger years in native Scotland, and with a solid work ethic established at age eleven, this modern day renaissance woman later began constructing garments for herself on a transformative soul-searching journey after twenty years in the fashion industry.

“Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone”

Robert Allen

Within a plethora of enriching experiences residing all over the globe and a wild vision for innovation, the experiential artist wove together lovechild, Feather & Find. An entity defined by the grace that lies within every woman, the brand paints a vivid picture of possibility, freedom and authentic beauty, tearing down the walls of common misconceptions related to body types, usage of color and age appropriateness. As a testament to the parallel between Heather’s life and her labor of love, Feather & Find grants every woman permission to simply be. One can first hand experience this ethos via her first brick and mortar haven launched in 2012, where women of all ages, cultural backgrounds and body frames can explore, play and invigorate endlessly. Now in 17 countries around the world, ALL women can partake in the revitalizing festivities.

The quest for depth and intentional living has proved to be a common denominator, that weaves together vision and curiosity with connection and transcendence. The response from women all over the world stepping into a space with set standards on what they wear, what looks good on them and what’s proper, quickly becomes a liberated stance on newfound options. All of a sudden, there is an expansion of self, granting ownership of their bodies, lives and journeys unapologetically. This experience is in essence is the heartbeat of the brand and the momentum behind every creative endeavor.

In addition to the versatile and abundant options of wearable art within the Feather & Find physical headquarter, the superfood café, Shiboo, a nook stocked with delicious color, vibrancy and a map toward the path of body restoration, Heather has crafted a mosaic that honors and tends to every component of holistic and high vibrational living. As an extension of that, the Shiboo Life blog will be a resource launching shortly, offering an array of information on clean living, veganism, health hacks and mind/body/soul reflections.

The Feather & Find universe channels the tone of Heather’s life-long pilgrimage into self-discovery. Encrypted within the DNA of the movement is a mission that celebrates womanhood, highlights the riches of diversity and elevates awareness on the importance of beauty from the inside out, thus not compromising or polarizing all the elements that make a life abundant and whole… with a little flair of course!