Flagship Store

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Born, bred and now booming in Bali, the Feather and Find Flagship Store represents an all-encompassing array of eclectic designs.

Be you a gypsy, a renegade, a maverick or a nomad, the collection appeals to all feminine hearts. With a delicious colour palate, exotic prints and flattering shapes, this bon-vivant style leaves you feeling confident and happy as you walk out with a spring in your step and loving the new you.

In January 2016 Heather introduced a new lifestyle element to Feather and Find, Shiboo Organic Superfood Bar. A snug little haven that indulges all your taste buds in a healthy and happy way, serving organic vegan ice-cream, raw desserts, smoothies, juices and tonic shots. To learn more about Shiboo and Heather’s transformative experiencesClick Here

We look forward to welcoming you on your next trip to the Island of the Gods.