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Ann Ambler

Brand Name: Ann Ambler
Occupation : Artist
Hometown : Auckland NZ
Astrological Sign : Libra

Feather : "What’s the best thing about your life?"
Ann : The people in my life and how i fortunate I’ve been to always do what I want to do.. to create.

Feather : "Where do you like to eat and why?"
Ann : Biku because of the atmosphere it relaxing and comfortable

Feather : "Who’s on top of your play list?"
Ann : I love classical music – Handles Messiah

Feather : "What’s your favorite catch phrase?"
Ann : Whether up or down life gets better

Feather : "What side of the bed do you get out of in the morning?"
Ann : Right

Feather : "Describe your most moving moment? "
Ann : Watching the whirling dervishes dance in a mosque in Istanbul. It was amazing to see it in the flesh

Feather : "Who is your most favorite author?"
Ann : Carlos Fuentes

Feather : "What pisses you off?"
Ann : Traffic

Feather : "What is your most memorable moment"?
Ann : Leaving New Zealand at 46 to start a new adventure in Indonesia… a step into the unknown

Feather : "What are your spiritual beliefs?"
Ann : God is great and life is a spiritual quest, the universe always provides.

Feather : "Describe your most embarrassing moment?"
Ann : Oh I have had terrible embarrassing moments! In an airport wearing a button through jumpsuit and trying to get out of it in time I was unsuccessful.

Feather : "If you were granted one wish what would you like it to be?"
Ann : Good health



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